35th Anniversary

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The McGill University Research Centre for Studies in Aging (MCSA), previously known as the Centre for Studies in Aging, was created in 1985 with a mandate to promote research, education and teaching in the field of aging and aging research with a multidisciplinary approach. Over the years the Centre has acquired international recognition and today focuses its resources on a better understanding of healthy aging. The Centre originated in 1985 at the Montreal General Hospital, then moved to Chateau Westmount in 1989, then to St. Mary’s Hospital in 1991 and finally in 1995 to the Douglas Hospital.

The MCSA grew progressively over time with the recruitment of young researchers who have been extremely successful in their academic career, including Drs Judes Poirier, Josephine Nalbantoglu, and Michel Panisset. After relocating three times, the MCSA found its home on the grounds of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in 1995 where a red brick house built in the 1900s continues to offer a warm and convivial environment to all visitors and staff. Research fellows from Asia, Europe and South America have been charmed by its location, particularly with the fall colors and the migrating birds. The MCSA has achieved an international reputation for the high quality of its research output, thanks to its dedicated graduate and post-doctoral students.

The Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit was created to conduct randomized clinical trials ranging from phase 2 to phase 4 of drug development. The Unit helped in the validation of measures of clinical efficacy, including the Disability Assessment in Dementia, and in the methods of analysis of results from clinical trials such as reduction of emerging behaviors. Without the help of three formidable women, the Alzheimer Disease Research Unit would not be here today.