Gentle Flow Yoga

This class is geared to anyone who is either new to yoga or is interested in a gentle practice. The class incorporates breathing exercises, simple flow sequences, and slower paced movements all towards enhancing alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. No previous experience or flexibility required.
Our instructor, Tanaz Pardiwala,  first began practicing yoga in 2000 at a YMCA in New York City, where she was completing a Masters program at Columbia University. Yoga quickly became a regular part of her routine, providing the space for both physical and mental health well-being. Over the next 20 years, she continued to deepen her practice, having studied under teachers in Barcelona, London and Toronto.
In 2020, she completed a 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training at the esteemed Yoga Sanctuary studio in Toronto. She believes that yoga can play a beneficial role for everyone and anyone, and therefore she designs her classes to be accessible and to honour everyone’s own journey.
To join our Gentle Flow Yoga Class: