Exercise for Seniors

It is so important to stay moving, wherever you are, to keep a healthy mind and body! GSC Athletics has researched and designed workout programs with our seniors in mind and is excited to offer them to you VIRTUALLY!
Our Fitness instructor is Giuliana Guerriero. She is part-owner of GSC Athletics, which is a private fitness studio located in LaSalle. GSC Athletics has a variety of different classes to offer. They specialize in hockey trainings for kids of all ages, men’s circuit trainings as well as women circuit training classes. Giuliana has been in the personal fitness industry for years, and has extensive experience in developing and building training programs for all fitness levels, and for people of all ages!
Check out some of Giuliana’s classes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LozKldYnYRc
To join our Gentle Flow Yoga Class: http://CMEV.eventbrite.com