Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Drive)In honour of Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month on January 25, 2022, the MCSA Education Committee planned a special Brainy Boomers event, entitled “Alzheimer’s Disease Update 2022” in which 85 participants joined. This event aimed to encourage individuals to learn more about dementia and its stark impact on Canadians. It was moderated by Dr. D. Dastoor, Chair of the MCSA Education Committee, and welcomed the following guests: Dr. Pedro Rosa-Neto (Director, MCSA) to speak on “Forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s Disease”, Meghan Williams, Director of Support Services of Alzheimer Group (AGI) spoke on “Healthy Caregiving – Setting Realistic Expectations”; Dr. Michael Wiseman, Member of the MCSA Education Committee, spoke about “Healthy Gums for a Healthy Mind”; and finally a pre-recording of Dr. Paolo Vitali’s lecture titled “Docteur, je cherche mes mots. Est-ce que je dois m’inquiéter?” concluded the 1 hour Zoom event. This event’s ultimate goal of raising awareness of dementias and Alzheimer’s to the public, was to reiterate and emphasize the importance of recognising the early signs of this disease, getting help as soon as possible, and to educate families and carers on understanding the different stages and medical procedures to expect.