Case Studies in Dementia—Common and Uncommon Presentations

Covering the spectrum of cognitive decline in aging using illustrative cases, from mild impairment to dementia, this set of case studies offers a wide-ranging guide for trainees and clinicians. This second volume includes updated research diagnostic criteria and details of new imaging technology, including novel biomarkers such as PET amyloid and tau, to inform readers in clinical practice. Each case includes a clinical history, examination findings and special investigations, followed by diagnosis and discussion, to encourage clinical reasoning, integrative thinking, and problem-solving skills. To reinforce diagnostic skills, the cases include careful analysis of individual presenting patterns and up-to-date information on diagnostic classification and tools. The reader will be able to distinguish patients who need reassurance, closer follow-up or immediate referral to specialized services. With an international authorship, this book is for trainees and clinicians in neurology, psychiatry and neuropsychology.