Health day – Open House 2019

On September 13th, 2019 MCSA and CrossRoads held its 4th Open House – Health Day for our surrounding community members. Over 80 participants were welcomed by the MCSA staff and had the opportunity to listen to riveting lectures and participate in activities.

Lectures included:

  • Laughter is the Best Medicine
  • Healthy Eyes
  • Wills: The Basics
  • Osteoporosis
  • Nutrition and amp; Healthy Eating
  • Hearing, an invaluable Sense
  • Why is your Family History Important
  • Cruising at Any Age
  • Managing Stress in Caregiving
  • COCOON: Smart Technologies for Safe Aging

Participants enjoyed a BBQ lunch outdoors where they had the opportunity to meet Centre’s staff/doctors and to network with one another.

Sylvie Dagenais-Douville, Speaker “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

Dennis Jimenez, Speaker “Hearing, an Invaluable Sense”

Participants enjoying an outdoor lunch

Yu Fe Zhan, Speaker “Nutrition & Healthy Eating”

Salvatore Cimmino, Vice-President, Claridion Inc., Speaker “COCOON: Smart Technologies for Safe Aging”